PCAF 2018 LINGGISAN reduced
Payong - PCAF 2018

35th Philippine Cultural Arts Festival

August 14, 2022, Sunday, 10 am to 7 pm

at Balboa Park

 a showcase of Philippine culture & performing arts.


Attendees will have the opportunity to come together to learn about Philippine culture 

through dance and music, taste Filipino delicacies and support local vendors by visiting their booths.

This FREE event is family friendly and open to the public!!

We look forward to seeing you at BALBOA PARK

We invite you to take part in our Festival by signing up for any of the following areas: 

 Food Vendor             Non-Food Vendor             Performer Application            Volunteer Form

** Please fill out the PCA FORMS (above) as soon as possible **

To pay through PayPal or w/ credit card – click on Donate button >>>

(Remarks: Vendor Fee)


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Park Blvd. & Presidents Way Lawn in Balboa Park
San Diego, California

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