SAMAHAN Filipino American Performing Arts & Education Center, Inc.


Watch, Meet & Greet Guest Performers and more

at the 

36th Philippine Cultural Arts Festival

                               August 26, 2023, Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm

                                                        at Balboa Park                                                                               Presidents Way Lawn, Park Boulevard, San Diego

                                a showcase of Philippine culture & performing arts


 Free Tickets:   



                                                             ShoeDrive Fundraiser Launches at PCAF 2023 

        We are excited to announce that our first Shoe Drive Fundraiser will be launched at the Philippine Cultural Arts Festival this year in Balboa Park. The best part about this fundraiser is that it is at NO COST, we just want your shoes! Our organization will earn funds based on the total weight of shoes collected. These dollars will go towards the continuation of our programs and activities going into our 50th year.  The first official date of our shoe drive is on August 26th (the day of PCAF!) and will last through October 25th. We will be accepting shoe donations at the Samahan booth during the festival and afterwards bins will be available during Sunday and Tuesday rehearsals.  

         The AMAZING part is that these shoes will be redistributed to a network of microenterprise partners in developing nations such as Haiti, Honduras, other nations in Central America and Africa through Funds2Orgs. The shoes help impoverished communities start, grow, and maintain businesses and feed, clothe, and house families.  
           By donating your gently worn, used, and new shoes to Samahan’s Shoe Drive, you will be offering your continued support not only to the Philippine Cultural Arts community in San Diego but also helping make a difference in peoples’ lives in other areas of the world. 
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